How to Use The Generics Dictionary

Active ingredients are listed alphabetically. Under each active ingredient, trade names together with their strengths and dosage forms are lised alphabetically. For each product, trade prices, single exit prices, MPL, MMAP and MRP prices where applicable are stated. Prescribers and dispensers are advised to consult alternate references for prescribing information on warnings, drug interactions, special precautions, side-effects and contra-indications.

Standard Editorial Notes

Entries are arranged alphabetically by active ingredient printed in CAPS. In the case of combination products the product has a designated active ingredient under which it is listed followed by the other active ingredients. The suffix indication of the specific salt has been dropped from the active ingredient for practical grouping purposes.

Trade name(s) (ie proprietary name registered by SAHPRA) of a product(s) containing the specified active ingredient are arranged alphabetically below each active ingredient.

Further product information in the form of nappi code, manufacturer, scheduling status, presentation, strengths and pack sizes are given alongside in tabular form.

Prices (all inclusive of VAT) are quoted by strength and pack size, and are current at the time of going to press. The price excludes any professional fee that may be applicable and will not necessarily be what the patient will pay.

  • SEP: Single Exit Price. That is the price of a single unit to any authorised purchaser of a pharmaceutical product in the private sector. (Government Notice, Gazette No 26304 of April 2004.)
  • MPL: The Medscheme maximum allowable reimbursement SEP
  • MMAP: The Medikredit maximum allowable reimbursement SEP
  • MRP: The Mediscor reference price is a generic reference price (maximum price paid) fixed for the period of one month, for pharmaceutical products with the same active ingredient.

Active ingredient(s) are only listed where generic equivalents to the originator have been launched on the South African market. The list is then inclusive of the originator. Where no generic equivalent to an original active ingredient is available in South Africa, the originator is not listed.

Consult the Alphabetical Index when the trade name/proprietary name is known but prescribers may be unaware or uncertain of the active ingredient(s).

NAPPI codes are unique, nine or ten-digit-long product codes introduced to facilitate electronic transactions. Each code is unique for product name, pack size, strength and manufacturer etc.

Prescribers and dispensers are advised to consult alternate reference sources, the relevant manufacturer or product literature for the relevant safety profiles and for further prescribing information when required.

Certain products, amino acids, vitamins, tonics, diagnostics, intravenous fluids, dialysis solutions and parenteral nutrition products have been omitted.

The Generics Dictionary is an index of information and reference, and not an assessment of the various preparations. The Generics Dictionary, a quarterly publication, has been made as complete as possible in its product listings and any omissions are due to the necessary information not reaching the publishers.


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